We are both made in Italy. Marta was born and raised in Milan and has a background in fashion design and textile research from NABA. Ludovico hails from a rural town in southern Italy, from which he later moved to Milan in his late teens to quickly rise in the IED ranks and receive the coveted Triumph Inspiration Award 2010, Vogue Talent Award 2011 and Next Generation Award 2012. As our careers evolved we soon realized that a collaboration was the next logical step for us, and we opened Pianosette in 2017.  

We share a passion for imagining and producing quality garments that are current and timeless at the same time. Our work is the epitome of a team effort, which stems from the figurative and literal marriage between Marta’s sophisticated vision and quality sensibility, and Ludovico’s bold graphic innovative urban style.

Our creative process starts from the interpretation of an idea from our respective points of view and leads to the extrapolation of different complementary aspects of it. Creating together means completing each other’s vision. Grounded in meticulous fitting work with eye for proportions and attention to detail, our collections are born out of concrete logic and a modern vision. Our garments are constructed with attention to detail and sartorial refinement, rooted in technical expertise.

Pianosette SRL. P.IVA 10097220965
Via Giulio Cesare Procaccini 47, Milano 20154